Berlin’s Saturday Surprise


So, remember how I said we had that crack of dawn flight? Well that didn’t quite go according to plan. Having dragged ourselves out of bed at 4am, checked out and gotten to the airport hiccough free we then boarded the plane and just sat there. And then sat for a bit more, before being told there was an electrical problem with the plane and we wouldn’t, in fact, be going anywhere. After queuing for a couple of hours, we finally got to the re-booking desk only to be told that all the direct flights for the day had gone and we’d have to fly via brussels and into gatwick not heathrow. This seemed like a wholly unappealing prospect so we asked if there was any way we could fly out the following day instead and luckily they had space on the sunday evening flight. In all honesty I think they were so thankful we weren’t yelling at them they would have put us on any flight we wanted!

Seeing as we had a couple of bonus days we decided to take the pace a little slower. We still wanted to stay in the Mitte district but decided to move a little further north from where we had been so we moved to the charming Monbijoux Hotel.viewAfter faffing around a little and deciding we definitely couldn’t be bothered to unpack again we headed out for a stroll around our new neighbourhood where we discovered a local market and I just had to purchase something to keep my head warm. We then figured we were pretty hungry so headed to a restaurant I have since forgotten the name of, which turned out to be closed. We had a look at the place next door which seemed ok so popped in. It was fine but distinctly average and pretty touristy, not somewhere I’d be rushing back to.

saleAfter lunch it was time to get my tourist on with a little posing at Checkpoint Charlie

touristBefore walking down to the Topographie of Terrors, past some beautiful buildings and a part of the Berlin wall that’s still standing. I can’t imagine how bizarre it must have been to be a city so divided.

flag building red building wallAfter ambling around for a while we jumped in a taxi to the Johann Konig gallery to see the Andreas Fischer exhibiton which was totally off the wall, lots of moving mops and drills, it was like being in a bizarre 1970’s cinderella with everything coming to life.

Having gotten up so early we were pretty pooped so took oursleves back to the hotel for a well deserved cocktail and some planning for the evening ahead.

spritzThere was an exhibition on at the KW Instiute for Contemporary Art on Augustrasse that mum wanted to go to and we discovered it was only a 10 minute walk from our hotel. This turned out to be my favourite exhibtion of the trip (with the possible exception of the Christian Tagliavani). An exhibtion of film installations called “Real Emotions: Thinking in Film”, it was spread over 4 floors and was so much fun. I particularly loved the lowever ground floor which was separted into emotions with film clips illustrating them. To be fair, the first one I saw was the bow scene from Titanic illustrating love so they had me from there on in!

After we’d ambled around for a few hours it was pretty late so we just grabbed a (surprisingly delicious) pizza at Aposto, the restaurant opposite our hotel and call it a night, ready for our actual last day.

photo 3 (1)

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