Salty Seadogs

img_7051After our leisurely lunch in the sun we decided we were probably up for something a little more active so we headed for the water. We met Sara’s brother Rupert at their boat and hot footed it over to the Isle of Wight.

Never one to miss out on the action, we obviously brought Mr Darcy along for the ride as wellimg_7060He was very happy about this, having been thoroughly unimpressed about a lack of lunch invitationimg_7079Only a hop, skip and a jump from Lymington it’s easy as pie to get there with ferries running all day in the summer months. Of course, if you have your own transportation, that’s pretty fun too.img_7062img_7071img_7083img_7078img_705920 minutes later we pulled into Yarmouth and set off through the town in search of refreshment. Boating is very thirsty work you know.img_7087img_7088During the summer its tiny streets are thronged with tourists but this time of year things are starting to quieten down and you can one again grab yourself a table in the sun without too much effort.img_7093img_7092img_7096Our spot for the afternoon was the Royal Solent Yacht Club, plenty of beach for Mr Darcy to run around on and swim up and down to his hearts content, and plenty of space for us to do this.img_7097img_7106Sadly the light was beginning to fade so we couldn’t stay too long but the blow was softened somewhat by the views we were treated to on the ride home (and the knowledge that we were heading back over for lunch the next day).img_7111img_7122img_7114img_7109Racing home in the soft evening light, our cares slipped away on the breeze.img_7129img_7128img_7127img_7130img_7120After a lazy night curled up in front of the fire we woke up ready and raring to jump back on the boat and head off in search of lunch.img_7085Luckily we had just the place in mind.img_7170 Salty’s is an Isle of Wight institution and whilst all the food is good, there’s really one main reason you come here – just LOOK at that fishimg_7165A true British classic, it’s the best fish and chips you’ll find. Perfectly cooked cod encased in the crispiest batter, all you need to do is add some peas and a few big bowls of chips and you have yourself the perfect lunch. Salty’s offers 3 sizes – kids, ladies and men but they’re generous so only order the mens if you’re feeling ravenous. We all went for the ladies and were stuffed to the gills, so to speak.img_7166img_7168.jpgAll washed down with crisp French rose and ice cold beers.img_7163img_7161Pop in for a bite, I promise you won’t be sorry.img_7160img_7162

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