Stockholm part tva

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When I left you yesterday we’d just arrived back at the apartment, cold, wet and in a state of shock at the expense of our taxi ride. Luckily though, it didn’t take much for us to rally and get ready for another late dinner (clearly we’re not the most organised bunch). This time we were off to Nybrogaten 38, on the recommendation of Alex’s Swedish sister in law, Dalit. A tiny, dimly-lit restaurant, also only a 10 minute walk from where we were staying – clearly we’d chosen the right area.

After some delicious cocktails at the bar whilst we waited for our table, we were shown through to the dining room and the incredible food began to roll up.

Veal Sweetbreads. Some parsley butter snails (I got a really gritty one so wasn’t particularly enamoured). Veal tartar, which I’m informed was infinitely better than it looked. A little truffle, Gruyère and jamon toastie. So rich but utterly scrummy and some feta fritters with lemon, really light and fresh.

nyb38 collage

Followed by Elk meatballs  with mash potato and lingonberries (this is Sweden after all). Elk fillet in a red wine sauce. Foie Gras pasta and finally Lamb shank with asparagus and goats cheese.

nyb38 mainsWe were all completely stuffed and with no possible room for pudding, the girls took themselves home for an early night whilst the boys headed off to Spy bar to carry on the party.

The next day we allowed ourselves a little lie in before heading to Riche for brunch. Situated in the major shopping district we walked into to a light, airy restaurant, bustling with a loud, chatty crowd. After the odd bloody mary and bucks fizz everyone was feeling much better and ready to tackle the food.

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An open-faced reuben sandwich, a ham cheese and tomato omelette, an eggs Benedict and some more meatballs for good measure. Everything was pretty good but didn’t really reach the level of everything else we’d eaten so far.

richeThe bill arrived in this adorable little carrier and soon we were off on our way again.

elise's iphone 263We quickly popped into the Acne flagship store which is in the building once occupied by the bank made famous for the ‘Stockholm syndrome’ robbery. The bank vault now functions as a changing room!


After a rather beautiful stroll along the river

stockholm 669riverwalk1stockholm 671riverwalk2We arrived at the Vasa museet which houses the most incredible shipwreck that sadly sunk before even making it all the way our of the harbour, for reasons that are still not fully known today.

elise's iphone 267 vasacoll vasacoll2

Where Nathan and I just couldn’t resist climbing inside the old diving bell. Can you believe people actually used to go under the sea in these?

diving bell

We decided to squeeze in a quick look around the shops afterward but seeing as it was sunday afternoon it wasn’t long before they were closing up for the day. Nathan wanted to watch the football so Alex and I decided to split off and go and explore a little french cafe I’d heard about called cafe Saturnus. We were pretty happy with this decision as it turns out they make the most delicious (and most enormous) cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. Thankfully we’d decided to share one as I’m not sure I could have tackled this beast alone!

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Full and tired, and with the prospect of an early flight the morning we took ourselves home and proceeded to curl up on the sofa for the evening.

Our last memory of Sweden is stumbling upon this rather bizarre sight at the airport!

elise's iphone 291Well, that and the little bit of reindeer that came home with us

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  1. I loved Stockholm when I visited. Gamla Stan especially is gorgeous in snowfall and at sunset. I did experience some serious sticker shock though! We self-catered most of our time there as we couldn’t afford to dine out!

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