Le Chalet at Selfridges

2014-12-16 15.49.25Sometimes all you want is a little slice of the Alps in London, right? Or perhaps the idea has never crossed your mind. Either way, you should go have a little peek inside Le Chalet. Tucked away high up above the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street is a little oasis on the roof of Selfridges. Now, I am a little biased, my love of Sefridges goes back a long way and my ex even used to refer to it as my “mothership”, however, I promise you it’s worth a visit.2014-12-16 15.49.462014-12-16 15.49.29We dropped in just before Christmas for a little dose of festive spirit (and some mulled wine) but I’m sure it’s just as great now, we have a real lack of roof terraces in London so I’m always on the hunt for a good one .

From the reindeer skins to the twinkling lights, it has everything you need to make you feel all cosy and warm – inside and out. It can probably even banish the January blues.

2014-12-16 15.49.37 2014-12-16 15.45.152014-12-16 15.44.25We weren’t hungry as we’d just taken ourselves to Jackson & Rye for a delicious brunch so we wandered through the restaurant and settled ourselves on the terrace.

2014-12-16 15.43.15

2014-12-16 15.42.15 2014-12-16 15.43.33

We wasted no time in ordering some drinks, mulled wine for me and, for some inexplicable reason given that it was freezing, white wine for the others.2014-12-16 13.22.03 2014-12-16 13.26.57They very helpfully provide big cosy blankets to keep the chill away whilst you’re outside, meaning that you can easily wile away the afternoon up there in the sunshine – something I would highly recommend. I reckon it would make a pretty good date spot as well, after all, what’s better than having an excuse to snuggle up?2014-12-16 14.41.242014-12-16 14.41.372014-12-16 14.43.092014-12-16 14.43.252014-12-16 14.42.02

2014-12-16 14.43.592014-12-16 13.18.25

We happily sat there for hours, chatting and lazing in the sunshine before finally dragging ourselves home as the sun began to disappear from view. Although we couldn’t resist a couple of last snaps in the sparkling hallway, something I may have to try and re-create for Christmas this year.

2014-12-16 15.48.58 2014-12-16 15.48.59I think I’m going to have to return for lunch before Le Chalet packs up shop, the food looked cracking and any menu that has ‘buttermilk chicken schnitzel with blue cheese fondue’ is alright by me. If you think it might float your boat too then you can book a table here:  http://www.selfridges.com/content/le-chalet.

All in all a great afternoon spent with some of my favourite people.

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