La Peschiera

From the first second I stepped out of the car I fell in love with La Peschiera. Seriously though, when it looks like that, how could I not?

A hotel and restaurant just outside of Monopoli, it’s truly breathtaking. The restaurant is built on a platform out over the water and is pretty much my dream location. I turn more into my mother every day as a result I’m never happier than when I’m by the sea.IMG_4111

In my excitement, I got us there a little early so we decided the best thing to do was to sit and have a bottle of the local spumante whilst admiring the view.IMG_4121IMG_4113

A little over zealous gesturing led to a minor breakage and some red faced apologies from me but the staff were lovely and quickly swapped it out for one they promised was a little sturdier.IMG_4125We set off to explore the rest of the property, trying not to get caught nosing into the hotel. Next time I think I’ll have to squeeze in a sleepover there, the rooms are right on the water, with nothing but a few rocks between you and the lapping waves. Perfect for a morning dip.IMG_417821169157_10159090594335532_1449819856_o

Blue version of the dressBag

21146548_10159090594430532_93084033_oIMG_4110We eventually took our seats for lunch, the sun dappling through the shade above us and the waves lulling us into a state of utter bliss.



I had to be told multiple times not to jump off and go for a swim.IMG_4157Our menus arrived (with prices on his but not mine) along with a stunning table of fish caught that day.21147157_10159090594670532_1268936663_o

Hot date

IMG_4131We kicked things off with tuna carpaccio, and cruditesIMG_4158IMG_4137Before sharing two of the fresh catches. The first was a paccheri pasta cooked with scorpion fish in a delicate tomato sauce and was absolutely delicious. Quite a firm fish and one i’d never had before, I’ll definitely be ordering it again if I spy it on a menu.21147162_10159090594635532_922621761_oIMG_4160Followed by a local bass served with tons of lemon and grilled local vegetables, perfect in its simplicity. IMG_4163

We sat for hours chatting and laughing, having a truly long lazy lunch until we had the restaurant to ourselves once again.IMG_4149IMG_4155

Before eventually succumbing to some puddingIMG_4168IMG_4167

Eventually I could resist no more and after a lightening quick change, it was time to dive headfirst into the waves. The rocks were a little more slippery than I was expecting so thankfully H was there to catch me as I skidded across them (clumsy as ever). Luckily it was worth every second of waiting and we happily splashed around in the cool water, ducking and diving to our hearts content.

I won’t pretend La Peschiera is cheap but I will say it’s one of the best afternoon’s you’ll spend anywhere. One for mums, best friends, boyfriends – i’d challenge you not to have a magical afternoon here.

Just remember to pack your swimmers for afterwards.


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