After a few days gallivanting around it was time for a slight change of pace.

IMG_4183IMG_4182img_4667img_4659A little bit of time to lie around and do nothing other than waffle at each other and drink cocktails. 

We checked into Masseria San Martino, where I promptly jumped into the pool whilst H busied himself sorting out our room and commandeering a bottle of rosé. We had a lazy evening, popping into the local town for a pizza and a beer before hitting the hay.

The next morning we woke up early and had a leisurely breakfast in the beautiful old dining roomimg_4301.jpg

Where I had to be physically restrained from trying to put all of these glass bottles in my suitcase.


Before having a little potter around the grounds.img_4665img_4666IMG_4204IMG_4202IMG_4201IMG_4196

The veg patch was a dream, grapes, plums, tomatoes as well as row after row of basil plants. Absolute heaven and something I’d love to have myself one day.IMG_4195IMG_4199

I was squirmy and dying to get in the sea so we hopped in the car and headed for White Beach, where we promptly set up shop on one of the double sunbeds closest to the water, grabbed ourselves a cocktail and picked up our respective books.IMG_4206

Pom pom beach bagKindleIMG_4208


As much as I’d like to say we had a wild day of adventures, we really didn’t. We barely moved off of the sunbed other than to jump in the sea or refresh our drinks, it was beyond blissful.IMG_4250IMG_4253IMG_4219img_4648

This bourbon and passion fruit cocktail was divine, definitely something I need to try and recreate at home.


A cocktail on a floral swing by the beach is officially the best thing ever, must remember to install one in my future beach house.


We stayed until the sun dipped low on the horizon, relishing the last of the rays and the peace of having the beach all to ourselves.


Eventually we headed home for a quick shower and change before heading to Il Cortiletto for dinner. IMG_4262

Cosy and full of locals we quickly realised we should have made a reservation but thankfully the lovely owner managed to squeeze us in. We were soon safely ensconced on a tabled and after the most cursory glance at the menu we promptly ignored all of it and went with the waiter’s suggestion of the antipasti. This essentially meant that a whole host of delicious dishes came trotting out of the kitchen to lots of oohs and ahhs.IMG_4266


IMG_4271Local cheese with preserves and walnutsIMG_4267

Beetroot soupIMG_4275

Crispy, fluffy potato puffsIMG_4274

Aubergine puree with peppers and tomatoesIMG_4281

The BEST melanzane parmagianaIMG_4283

A mini courgette fritatta, topped with courgette flowerIMG_4284All washed down with a bottle of spumante. 

The perfect end to a fantastic week.

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