Tandoor Chop House

Tucked down an unassuming street near Charing Cross station lies Tandoor Chop Houseimg_6164Dark, cosy and inviting, it’s a great place for an evening with the girls now that autumn’s drawing in and the nights of drinks on a terrace are coming to an end.

Plus it’s Indian food, which is always a win in my book.Old world charm nestles nicely with the restaurant decor du jour of exposed pipes and metallic finishes.

I always think places like this are best done in groups as it’s all about sharing and if you’re anything like me, you hate to miss out on anything.

First up and one of my favourite dishes here is the beef keema naan with green chilli. Warmly spiced and borrowing some flavours from Mexico, I’ve never been here and not had to order a second.img_6173Chickpea chaat with tamarind chutney. Fresh, crunchy and delicious. if this was close to my office, I’d be popping in and grabbing this for lunch alllllll the time.img_6171.jpgSpice roasted duck and pomegranate naan, I loved this, the pop of the pomegranate providing little bursts of freshness against the rich duck.img_6169Next up was the lamb kebab naan which proved a little divisive, I thought was quite good but wasn’t wowed. Everyone else loved it however so I was totally out voted.img_6175Bhaji spiced onion rings. The batter was great, crisp and light but I thought the dipping sauce could have used a bit more of a punch, some citrus would have gone miles here.img_6182These lamb chops were heavenly, burnished and unctuous, they were perfectly cooked and came with a cracking little coriander sauce.img_6179A zippy little kachumber saladimg_6184Now. I’m aware that what I’m about to say seems weird, I really do. But, the chicken was too moist. The texture wasn’t for me or my gals, all feeling that it was just a bit soft and weird. The flavour was good though, I’ll give them that.img_6177Bone marrow naan of dreams right here.

Now, if when you go to Tandoor Chop House, you have to promise to do one very important thing.

First up, get yourself a portion of the black daal. Next you want to tear off a hunk of rich, buttery bone marrow naan. With me so far? Good, now dunk it right in. Repeat. img_6191So grab yourself some pals and book a table (yes, you can book, hurrah!), pop on some stretchy trousers and settle in for the evening.img_6186Find Tandoor Chop House here.

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